How To Choose An EB5 Investment Firm

Very few people have half a million dollars that they would not miss if they lost. Therefore, you want to make sure that the money you invest to get your EB5 Visa is not wasted. That means choosing a Regional Center that will use your funds to meet the requirements of the EB5 program and allow you to attain permanent resident status.

There are over 100 regional centers across the United States with dozens of new applications pending. You have a wide choice of regional centers to choose from that offer 3 types of investments that they manage-loans, real estate, and equity.

Low interest loans are the type given to businesses, targeting industries that show promise of expansion and growth. Some examples of this would be loans to businesses that engage in or promote tourism, technology, hospitality, and transportation.

Real estate loans usually involve the purchase of warehouses that are converted into shops, offices, storage, or even hotels and resorts. You should review this type of loan carefully and study the surrounding economy and the type of people that would visit there. A small town in the middle of nowhere may not be a good place to invest in real estate that is intended as a theme park; there may be no surrounding attractions, no easy access to the location, and no major airlines with hubs there. This type of investment would not be profitable unless there was an accompanying plan to provide the infrastructure. Each loan would depend on the success of the other and double your chances of losing your investment.

Equity investment is where you invest your money and after 5 years you can cancel the loan and request return of the funds or convert them into that company’s stock which might return profits to you. Depending on the business to which the loan has been made, this type of investment has the potential to be very profitable.

Although regional centers are approved by the government, that doesn’t mean that they offer wise investments. Regional centers compete for your money, just like any other business. They’ll all tell you that their projects are the best and will present the positive aspects without the negative. It pays to research the investments of each center and their success rate. Get recommendations from other EB5 Visa applicants and make an internet search on the center; you may find complaints from investors who lost all their money or you may find glowing recommendations. Every bit of knowledge you find is another tool for success. Be sure that the regional center is able to tell you how and when you get your money back.